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Sturgis First United Methodist Church

Worship Times

For now the only way that we can provide a worship service for you is on the Facebook page for First United Methodist Church. 
Once the Covid restrictions are lifted, we will resume the hours as stated below. 

We meet at 9:30 and 11:00 each Sunday. Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. 

The 9:30 service is worship with the Praise Band, Reconciled, offering a contemporary service with Christian music and the pastor preaching. This is now being held in Fellowship Hall downstairs.

The 11:00 service worships with preaching, the choir, hymns and organ music. This is now face to face in the sanctuary.

On a regular basis, WBET broadcasts each Sunday’s 11:00 a.m. service on its 1230 AM station. 
First United Methodist Church is located at
 200 Pleasant St. in downtown Sturgis.  Parking is available south of the building as well as north of the church in the city parking lot and behind the church in the Hackman Funeral Home parking lot. The entrance on the circle drive is the accessible entrance and barrier free with greeters and use of elevator and restrooms. Additional information about the church can be found on the church’s Facebook page. For more information, please call the church office at 

Contact Us
Worship is family friendly. Come experience: 
    Open Hearts ~ Open Doors~ Open Minds
Upcoming Events
Contact Us
New Office Hours
Church office hours are now Monday, and Thursday,
afternoons. You may leave messages at other times at 
651-5990 or call Pastor Sue direct at (989) 287-1770.

HomeAbout UsServicesPhoto GalleryNews or ReviewsMission Trips
Bible SchoolWeddingsNews or ReviewsEventsMissions

Please send pictures and articles for the webpage
to pjrbar@charter.net
Click the underlined words to find out more information about the subjects.

Direct Bill Pay
If you are like me, you hate to write checks and try to remember bills each month especially when you are on vacation or away. The finance committee would like to encourage you to set up a direct bill pay through your bank so that your tithes and offerings can always reach the church even if you don’t. There are generic forms in the office if you cannot do this online. If you have any questions, please speak with Bruce Gosling, chair of finance.

We have a box in the coat room where you can drop off any small items, like motel soap, shampoo, small trinkets?? Barb B will deliver to Thurston Woods. They can use them for Bingo prizes etc.
  Thank you,
  John Blanchard

April 1st - Maundy Thursday Service at 6:00 in the sanctuary and on Facebook.

April 2nd - Good Friday Service at 6:00 in the sanctuary and on Facebook.

April 4th - Easter Service

April 10th - All church clean up.

April 17th - Adopt a Highway clean up. See Events below for more information.

Join us Face to Face each Sunday @11:00 am.   
Follow Facebook to see the Sunday morning services at 11:00 until further notice.
Your offerings can still be sent to the church office. 
They will be collected, counted, and deposited each week. 
Read The Upper Room Free Here
We are completely updating our prayer list.  We will be publishing this each month. This list will only be in the newsletter. The names will not be on our web page or facebook page. 

If you would like to add someone to the next prayer list, call the church office (651-5990) or e-mail the church (fumcsturgis@gmail.com) and include:
1.Your name and phone number
2.Name of person to be on the prayer list
3.Reason (This info is for Pastor Sue.)
4.Any other information Pastor Sue should know.

Prayer List 

We have had some people ask if the monthly newsletter can be sent to them in an e-mail instead of mailing them a paper copy.


If you would like your newsletter to come in an e-mail, please send an e-mail to the church, fumcsturgis@gmail.com 
1.Put “e-mail newsletter” on the subject line.
2.Give us your name and the e-mail address you want us to use for the e-mail.

We will start e-mailing your newsletter in November.

The Parlor Sunday School Class will be meeting at 
9 o’clock on Sunday mornings, by zoom. We are currently studying parables of Jesus.

If people would like to join us by zoom, please contact Debra Mathis for additional information.
An Easter Hallelujah
We are excited to see you each Sunday face to face. It's been way too long! 
We all miss each other. 
In order for us to do this please read the guidelines below: 
1. Enter through the circle drive or Chapel doors. Please do not congregate at the doors. 
2. You must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth for the entire service. 
Please stay 6 feet apart from non-family members.
3. It would be beneficial to wear your name tags. 
4. Hand sanitizer is available and we encourage you to use it. 
5. You will need to record your contact information each Sunday, in case 
someone tests positive and the health department can contact you. 
6. Please sit every other pew and away from non-family members.
7. There will be music, you may hum or mouth the words, but please no singing. 
8. Offerings can be placed in the baskets by the doors. 
9. There will be no coffee hours or gatherings.

Sunday, February 21, was our first time back for in- person worship.
We had 45 in attendance. It was great seeing people back together in the sanctuary for worship.

The March/April devotional books are available on the table between
the doors at the circle drive entrance. The cost is $0.75.

Update:  Thank you to all who sent in money to cover our postage for the monthly newsletter. We received enough money to cover the cost of postage through March 2022. Please do not send any more money at this time.

If you would like to sponsor the postage for the monthly newsletter, the cost is $60. The cost has gone down due to the number of people who are receiving their newsletter by e-mail. Send your check to the church and mark “newsletter postage” on the memo line.

If you would like to donate to UMCOR to help people in the south who were hit hard by the recent storms (and you don’t want to do it on-line), you can write a check made out to the church and put “storm relief” on the memo line. 100% of your donation will go to help others.

We are still collecting clean Michigan returnable bottles and cans. Jackie Brazo takes them back to the store for us and the money goes into our mission trip fund. Hopefully we will be able to go on a mission trip soon since so many people need help. You may drop off your bottles and cans inside the circle drive doors by the wooden container.

The Trustees put new ceiling tile in the entryway and stairway, plus new LED lighting, replaced the water stained tile in the office and completed some repairs on the boiler.

Click HERE for a Lenten Message from Bishop David Bard. 
Easter Sunday Worship
This should be dated January 4, 2021.

We will be having our 11:00 am in-person worship.
Our Easter offering will be divided between the Free Friday Friendship Lunch at St. John’s and the Salvation Army Food Bank.  
Remember – You must follow the guidelines for attending in-person worship, especially wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth and social distancing inside and outside the sanctuary.

April 10 is our all church spring clean-up. We will be raking leaves, trimming trees, cleaning gutters and sweeping the outside stairs. Everyone is welcome to come and help. There will be coffee and doughnuts at 8:30 am. We will start working at 9:00 am and should be done by noon. Any questions? Call John Blanchard @ 651-5879.

There are three scheduled trash pick-up dates for this year to pick up litter on M-66. Mark your calendars:
April 17 April 25 (rain date)
July 17July 25 (rain date)
September 25October 3 (rain date)
Any questions? Call Bob Yoder @ 651-5851.
He will be sending out a church all-call with more information.

John Blanchard is looking for volunteers to mow the church lawn every week.
If you are interested in being on the mowing schedule, contact John @ 651-5879. He can explain what is involved in doing this church project.