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Sturgis First United Methodist Church
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This page is where you can find out things about our church. It may be something that we are doing, or someone we want to showcase. We hope you check this page out often.
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The 2022 Flower Chart and Radio Chart are now on the wall outside the office. Please sign your name on the date you wish to sponsor. Flowers are $25.00 and the Radio broadcast is $70.00.
Prayer List Updates
In an effort to keep our prayer list current, we will remove names after three weeks unless you call the office (651-5990) with an update on a person's situation and ask to keep their name on the list. 

Also: Please call the office if you know any of the people on our military list. We need to know if they are still in the military. We want to continue to pray for those who need it and would love to celebrate those who have completed their service.
Lost and Found

The lost and found is now outside the office. If you have lost anything or if you have found anything, please check in the office. 
We have a new monitor that the choir and pastors can see from the front of the church!
We have been able to mail the monthly newsletter during 2017 thanks to the many families that have sponsored the postage cost. We are beginning a new year now and are asking anyone who is willing to sponsor a month to please sign up on the board outside the sanctuary.  Unfortunately, the cost has gone up – the new monthly rate is approximately $80 per month. Thank you for considering this much needed and appreciated offering. 
For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Luke 14:28

We’re not planning to build a tower but we do want to keep our church standing. Here are the repairs we need to complete and the cost for each.

Replace office roof$12,000- - - Just repairing leaks is no longer enough.

Repair sanctuary damage$ 520  - - -Rain leaking, NW corner under balcony

Replace water line from church to street$ 5,300 - - - Sidewalk repairs$ 639

Both of the above are required with the repaving of Pleasant Street (work scheduled to begin May 11)

Replace sanctuary double door$ 8,000
Panic hardware for all sanctuary doors$ 600

The Sturgis Fire Department requires panic hardware on all doors and the double doors we have cannot be adapted.


Please consider a donation towards these expenses. Although there are some designated funds for roof repairs, there are no funds in the 2020 budget to cover all these required repairs.

If you have any questions, contact any of the following trustees: Linda Harrington, David Blanchard, John Blanchard, Art Ebert, Roger Olds, Tom Scheetz, Gary Stewart.

Very Important Message From The Trustees