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Sturgis First United Methodist Church
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About Sturgis First United Methodist Church
Sturgis First United Methodist Church is family-owned and operated right here in Sturgis, MI. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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Upcoming events:

Mission Trip Team Super Suppers are coming

The Mission Team is grateful for your continuing generosity toward mission projects!

Lena’s buckets and news: 
The updated offering for March was $228.15. With a preliminary April collection of $219.53 our total to date is $755.29 toward our $2500.00 annual goal. 

Special offerings for missions:
Conference offerings:
UMCOR Sunday (formerly One Great Hour of Sharing) March 31 - $410.00
Easter offering on April 21st - Will be announced in the June Messenger

½ UMCOR National disasters 
¼ Sturgis FUMC Helping Our Neighbors fund  
¼ Centreville Free Store Mortgage 

Pastor Jeanne requested that we help replenish the Helping Our Neighbors fund. We provided gas cards recently on the Christmas Giving Tree, but it is running low. This fund is used to help people who come to the office with needs and is monitored by Pastor Jeanne. 

Another recipient of the Easter offering is the Free Store mortgage. We have helped support the Free Store in Centreville for several years. Wendell Moyer has come to tell us about the hope they have to pay off the land contract. The monthly operating expenses are $950.00 (including $425.00 land contract payment). If the land contract were to be paid off, the monthly expenses could be reduced to $525.00. In addition to a portion of the Easter offering, we will hear another presentation from Wendell in the fall. He will also be invited to come and choose items from the rummage sale that are useful to the store clients.

Special events and opportunities for missions:
Spring Rummage and Bake Sale April 24-27
Thanks to everyone who contributed items and labor to the rummage sale. We will have the results available in the June Messenger. Thanks to our rummage sale experts for the organization it takes: Alice Watson, Julie Brenner and Elaine Spencer. The mission team will donate the proceeds for ongoing mission projects.  

​Relay for Life 
The Relay for Life will be held on Friday, June 21st at the Centreville Fairgrounds from noon until midnight. FUMC activities to support Relay for Life – Breakfast on May 19th, footprints and luminaries, canoe trip in June.
Mission Trip – July 7th-13th Juneau County, Wisconsin to help with flood damage.

Everyone is part of this ministry of sharing God’s love. Near the chapel and sanctuary entrances will be ladders with tags of items needed for our congregation’s mission trip. The items are letters of support that are read during times of devotion, gas gift cards (please turn in to office), sponsorship donations, and snacks that are used for sack lunches on job sites or traveling to and from Juneau County.

Thanks for your continuing support for Mission projects at FUMC!